A podcast for your dose of new sustainability concepts and ideas from leaders and changemakers across the globe. 


Our Team


Marieke Vandekolk

Marieke, a Dutch Canadian whose passion for sustainability was molded by her time spent in politics, non-profit sector and private sphere. Having worked as an Advisor to the Ontario Minister of Finance and in Program development for former Prime Minister Paul Martin's Martin Family Initiative she advanced multi-lateral, cross-cultural partnerships to develop inclusive government programs throughout Ontario and education initiatives with Indigenous communities across Canada. Most recently she has delved into how data driven policy can revolutionize decision-making and enable more sustainable strategies and partnerships among the public and private sector. Her favourite pastimes include politics, yoga and discovering new places both locally and abroad; she has travelled to over 30 countries and counting.


Laurel Reid

Laurel Reid is a British-Canadian citizen, who spent her childhood and adolescence in Denmark. She holds degrees in international relations and international public policy, and has worked and traveled throughout Europe, South America, East Africa and the Middle East. She has previously been a Junior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation and a Project Manager working on the ground in East Africa. Currently, Laurel works in policy and corporate governance in the private sector and does pro bono work for regional non-profits.